What is Outreach List WP

I wanted to have a central location which made it easy for me to see which websites are good for promoting WordPress products. By products I mean WordPress Plugins or WordPress Themes.

Who is behind Outreach List WP

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m the owner of Epic Plugins and Epic Themes (my personal twitter is @mikemayhem3030). I’m also co-founder of Zero BS CRM. So I have the experience in developing WordPress products. However, marketing and reaching out to websites has never been my strong point. So I made Outreach List WP to help me.

I’ve been developing for WordPress since 2012 and have worked with ‘code’ all the way through my academic life. I’m a developer. I’m not great at marketing.

Why are you sharing this intel

When I release a new product I have one or two ‘go to guys’ who I send the information to. By no means do I have a comprehensive list of sites and their associated costs. I have maintained spreadsheets over the years which had some links and emails in, but they quickly got out of date. Through putting the information from my spreadsheets online (and asking for submissions from a wider audience) I’m hoping I can both expand the list and have a location which has up to date information and feedback (you can comment on any of the sites listed here)

Why did you build this now

I took on a challenge at the end of October 2016 to develop 12 WordPress Themes in 12 Months. A big part of this project is the selling of new themes. Through creating this website I can then include in the debriefs which outreach worked, which didn’t and I can share that feedback via commenting on the relevant site listing.

How are websites scored

Each site has a score. This is from 0 to 100. It’s calculated through a weighting of the twitter followers and the website’s alexa rank. This gives a good indication of the reach of the website that you’re reaching out to.

Disagree with the data or want to submit a site

Sure, you can contact me via twitter, just drop me a DM. If you want to submit a site to this list you can do so here.


This website wouldn’t be possible without the information available from a number of sources (including my own personal list). Shout outs to the Facebook Group – selling WP Products and Rhys Wynne for his blogging spreadsheet