Find Places to Promote your WordPress Products

Finding websites that will review your products takes time. A lot of the sites out there review start-ups rather than WordPress Themes or Plugins. Outreach List WP has been setup as a means to curate websites that are good to reach out to if you sell WordPress Products.

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50 WPnewsify

Daily News About WordPress.

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53 Premium Coding

We develop beautiful, professional WordPress themes with a minimal and clean design, to help your site stand out. Worth reaching out to if you have a plugin which they could help you advertise as compatible with their WordPress Themes.

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53 WISDM Labs

WisdmLabs was founded back in 2012, with two employees in a make-shift office. Their mission has always been to create value for all their stake-holders. Worth contacting them and reaching out.

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52 Cozmos Labs

This website started about 7 years ago as a personal experiment, initially focusing on web design and development, than gradually turning its radar towards this awesome CMS called WordPress.

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35 News 47 Ell

News 47 Ell write WordPress Plugin reviews alongside iOS app reviews. Worth contacting them to discuss your product or project.

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58 Kinsta

Kinsta offer managed WordPress Hosting. They have a sales department and blog about WordPress too.

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51 Barn 2 Media

Barn2 Media is a leading WordPress web agency based on Dartmoor, England. They help clients across the UK and overseas build their business by harnessing the awesome power of WordPress. They also blog about WordPress and have a number of plugin reviews on their site

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54 WP Site Care

WP Site Care is a website devoted to supporting people who use WordPress websites. Worth discussing how they can help you with your product (whether it be outsourcing support, or guest posting about your product)

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53 Word Impress

WordImpress is a team of developers, designers, and marketers who enjoy building great products for the Internet’s most popular CMS, WordPress. Worth building a relationship with these guys to see if there’s mutual benefits that you could offer each other.

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56 WP Social

WP sell Social Plugins for WordPress. They also blog about WordPress. Worth reaching out to to discuss your offerings.

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65 WP Explorer

If you created an awesome premium WordPress theme or plugin that you want everyone to know about? You can use WP Explorer to submit your product to their directory. Every submission is reviewed manually before adding it to the site and not all submissions are accepted. Your submission must include a 100% UNIQUE description.

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54 Delicious Brains

They are a small, distributed team in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They develop WordPress products but have been know to write reviews on their blog.

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10 Epic Themes

Epic Themes is the new outlet from Epic Plugins Limited. In a year we expect this website to be a strong provider of WordPress Themes and Theme related material.

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49 Epic Plugins

Epic Plugins is a Premium WordPress Plugin Developer. They blog about WordPress Plugins. Contact them to discuss a review of your plugin.

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53 Gavick Pro

Gavick Pro is a WordPress theme developer. They offer business partnerships.

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53 85ideas

Our blog is dedicated to improving existing WordPress sites by reviewing and offering outstanding themes, plugins, guides, etc. They offer product reviews, giveaways, banner ads and collection listing

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58 Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud review WordPress Plugins and Themes. A great option if you want to get your product some more relevant traffic. They are a community of enthusiastic bloggers who are popularly known as “Shouters”! These are bloggers who are living an internet lifestyle or are currently moving in that direction.

3725 $1200 More
55 WP Kube

WP Kube provide WordPress Theme and Plugin reviews. They reviewed the amazing Plugin Hunt Theme last year. Read the review here.

38304 $100-450 More
50 WP Arena

WP Arena is a WordPress related website. They provide WordPress consultation and can help to install WordPress in a secure way to small businesses and bloggers.

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53 Fab Themes

Fab Themes list free WordPress Themes available for download. If you have a free WordPress theme and want to get it in front of some eyes. Get in touch with these guys.

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57 Dart Creations

DART Creations is a website for web designers, webmasters, Joomla and WordPress users. They provide all types of articles with the intent of making web design and administration of your website easier. Many people find it troublesome and difficult to administer their website – they want to make it easy for you.

60538 $349-399 More
44 WP Building Blocks

At WordPress Building Blocks, they start at ground zero and help you build a WordPress site from the ground up — one building block at a time. Contact them to discuss review options.

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54 Blogging Consult

Blogging consult is run by James; an online business strategist, an enterprising blogger and a Savvy WordPress Enthusiast.

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41 Narrow Em

Narrow Em aims to help you to narrow your choices when it comes to WordPress Themes or Plugins. They review your theme or plugin. A great place to get your product reviewed.

1244770 $249-299 More
59 Sixty Marketing

Sixty Marketing help you to manage your WordPress website. They also write about plugins and themes.

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53 Source WP

Source WP collects the best WordPress resources, themes and plugins for your next venture.

25266 $90-190 More
50 Theme Grade

Theme Grade is a website which reviews (and Olympics Style Medal Table Ranks) WordPress Theme shops. If you are a theme developer it’s good to get on these guys radar.

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53 Web Savvy Marketing

Web Savvy Marketing is Michigan’s leading WordPress design firm. They are focused on providing custom website design, premium WordPress products, and SEO consulting and training.They dedicated themselves to WordPress and have been recognized by the WordPress community for their efforts.

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53 Nimbus Themes

Nimbus Themes claims to offer you on average 2,000 click throughs each week. Leaving you to convert them. 2,000 clicks per month is a big claim to be able to deliver. With 500k visits each month I’m sure they can deliver.

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68 1st Web Designer

1st Web Designer have reviewed WordPress Themes in the past. A good choice if you want to get the word out about your latest product and have it reviewed.

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45 WP Super Plugins

WordPress Super Plugins feature plugins – advert based. Running for a period of your choice.

883537 $79-325 More
51 TechInfoBit

A tech blog which covers new products. Useful to reach out to to discuss options for promoting your WordPress products

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73 Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a website which reviews WordPress Plugins and Themes mixed in with a lot of other content. A strong twitter following and good traffic make this site one to consider. Falls under the same banner as Tech Radar

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49 Good WP Themes

Good WP Themes is a website which reviews themes (amongst other things)

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33 Blog Themes WP

Blog Themes WP review themes for WordPress related to blogging.

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51 Web Loggerz

Another site devoted to WordPress. They offer guest posts (you create the content) and would be open to product reviews

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52 WP Warfare

WP Warfare is a nice site which reviews WordPress plugins and themes.

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51 WPin is a website which blogs about WordPress.  Open to writing reviews and guest posts.

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48 WP Leaders

WP Leaders is your trusted source for WordPress news, themes reviews, plugins reviews,  and other related cool stuff

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54 Code in WP

Code in WP is one of my personal favourites. Run by ionut, his transparency reports are great and the codeinwp website is perfect if you want to get your product featured.

14859 $150 More
54 Colorlib

A WordPress website that helps you create a blog from scratch.

1647 $560 More
63 Winning WP

Winning WP is yet another site blogging about WordPress. Don’t be put off by the basic layout of their site. They pack a mighty twitter following and good traffic.

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51 Tidy Repo

This is a list of the best and most reliable WP plugins

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49 Index WP

Index WP is another website devoted to WordPress. Worth reaching out to.

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41 WP Plugins A to Z

A website for WordPress Plugins. They have a review plugin option.

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73 WP Beginner

WordPress Beginner is one of my favourite websites. For people starting out with WordPress. It’s a great place to reach out to.

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60 WP Tavern

WP Tavern is a popular WordPress website for plugins and themes. Established in 2009.

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11 Blogging Dojo

Blogging Dojo is a site by Rhys Wynne. Useful to reach out to with any new products.

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57 Basic Blog Tips

Basic Blog tips is a nice site all about blogging with WordPress.

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52 WP Loop

Claims to offer the best WordPress resources at your fingertips. Their experienced editors do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

305232 $30 - 95 More
46 Just WP

WordPress Themes, Plugins, Tutorials, Tips and More

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43 WPCouple

At WPCouple you will find themes, plugins and news that couple well with WordPress

1034453 $$0 / $150 More
53 Sell it with WP

Sell it with WP offers WordPress reviews. A nice site to try out when promoting your product.

68874 $560 More
61 WP Mayor

WP Mayor is a straight shooter. They offer a full analysis of your product. 100% truthful and they won’t water down any critism

32525 $500 More
37 Plugin Tut

Plugin Tut is handcrafted WordPress Plugin Tutorials. A nice site and great for promoting your WordPress plugins.

1714355 $150 More
56 Bob WP

Bob WP blogs about using WordPress to help you be a better blogger, writer, shop owner and WordPresser in general. Sponsor their podcast or have a sponsored post on their site.

54672 $500 More
73 Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a website for finding great products. It has open submissions (as long as you’re a member) getting featured is hard for WP products though.

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54 WP Dean

WP Dean is a website which offers paid reviews of your products. A nicely ranked site with plenty of traffic.

34831 $100 More
54 Premium WP

Premium WP reviews WordPress Plugins and Themes. They will generally help promote you but in exchange want to be part of an affiliate scheme.

42266 $0 More
45 Plugin Hunt

Plugin Hunt is a WordPress Plugin curation website. It gathers its plugins from the Envato API. Open to submissions for any WordPress Plugin

862325 $0 More
59 Daily Blog Tips

Daily blog tips is a popular website for bloggers. Bloggers being your target market when selling WordPress products.

47959 $200 More